Ethical guidelines



Through ethical guidelines, Hamek highlights some basic values ​​that should characterize the culture in the company.
This clarifies the management's expectation of behavior from employees. The guidelines will help us to make the right choices when we as a company or as individual employees are faced with ethical dilemmas. 

All employees in Hamek are covered by the guidelines. We also expect our subcontractors and suppliers to live up to the same ethical standard.

We respect those we associate with.

All employees in Hamek are valuable contributors to our organization. That is why we treat each other with respect. Our goal is that no one is injured at work or as a result of the work we do. Each of us has a responsibility for this.

We strive for fair treatment of all and act with tolerance and dignity. Our tone of voice is dominated by politeness and respect for each other. We do not accept verbal or physical bullying or harassment.

We recognize that we work in a diverse environment where we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, ethnicity, language, religion or sexual orientation. In Hamek, we follow human rights and ILO conventions ( ), which, among other things, entails a ban on child and forced labor, and recognizes the right to freedom of association.


Responsible business management characterizes our behavior
We have a zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. We do not accept or offer gifts or services that can be interpreted to give the donor a business advantage. Gifts from current or potential future business associates shall not be accepted if these have an estimated value of more than NOK 400 per year per donor. With regard to the offer of, or participation in, meals or other representation, this can be carried out within a recognized and established framework. As a general rule, such representation must be clarified with the superior. There must always be full transparency about all such gifts or services, including representation.

If we have to use agents and / or intermediaries, we exercise special caution, and ensure that the payment is in reasonable proportion to the service provided. In no case shall the remuneration be able to arouse suspicion of the provision of payment that creates an undue advantage.

Hamek respects the rules of the game for competition and we are therefore cautious in our dialogue with competitors.

Employees who gain access to information of a confidential or secret nature must handle such information professionally and so that unauthorized persons do not gain access to it. This applies both externally and internally.

Hamek strives for openness and transparency. The environment must have access to correct and objective information about our business. In the dialogue with the owners and other stakeholders, we regularly report on relevant information when it is available.


We know our role and have high integrity
Employees are responsible and always act in the company's best interests. We are aware of our obligations and that we represent the company to customers, suppliers, the authorities and the community around us.

We strive for efficient use of time during working hours and respect the expectations set for us by the employer. We follow the company's guidelines for the use of IT equipment.

The use of insight or influence in the company for personal gain is not accepted in Hamek.

If we find ourselves in situations where our decisions or actions can be perceived as motivated by personal gain, we immediately report them to our immediate manager. We avoid that personal relationships can affect our freedom of action or judgment at work. For example, this may involve conflicts of interest such as ownership or positions in competing companies. This also applies to personal circumstances that could affect us in a work context.

Hamek takes the privacy of its employees seriously and is careful in the storage and use of personal information. As employees, we respect the privacy of our colleagues and the company's reputation.

This also applies in dealing with social media.

Hamek is against the purchase of sexual services. Employees must therefore refrain from purchasing sexual services on assignment or in the service of the company. This also applies during stays in premises owned or rented by Hamek.

Every employee is obliged to treat the company's assets with care. Damage or loss as a result of negligence may result in liability.

It is strictly forbidden to appear intoxicated during work or within the work area, or to take intoxicating substances during working hours.


Duty of confidentiality

The employee undertakes to treat all information that affects the company confidentially. When the employee during his service acquires knowledge of or disposal of documents and information about business and operating conditions in the company, the employee must not unjustifiably use such knowledge or pass it on to unauthorized persons.


The relationship with the media

Tasks, reports and other information from the company shall aim to enable the outside world to form a correct picture of the company's position and activities.

All statements to the mass media about the company's affairs shall be given by the Chairman of the Board, the CEO, or another representative appointed by the CEO. Other representatives of the company shall only comment within their area of ​​responsibility when these are specially appointed.


We take the environment and social responsibility seriously
We are aware of our responsibility and role in the preservation of the environment around us and work purposefully to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

We take a proactive role in minimizing the risk of incidents that may have negative consequences for the environment. We take personal responsibility for reducing unnecessary consumption and emissions throughout the life of projects.

We recognize our contribution to society and strive for quality and punctuality in the performance of all our services.



All employees must familiarize themselves with and comply with the ethical guidelines. Managers and chairmen have a special responsibility for ensuring that the guidelines are known and followed, and must set a good example themselves.

Hamek has a notification scheme for matters worthy of criticism in the company. Everyone who becomes acquainted with matters worthy of criticism has the right and a responsibility to notify. Critical conditions mean violations of laws and regulations, our own rules and guidelines or generally accepted ethical norms. Examples of reprehensible conditions can be conditions that can pose a danger to life and health, bullying and harassment, corruption and financial fraud. Employees who report matters worthy of criticism in accordance with the guidelines for notification shall not be subjected to reprisals or the like.

Who is to be notified and how to notify follows from Hamek's internal guidelines for notification of nonconformities.


Consequences of violating our policies

Violations will be met with a reaction adapted to the nature and extent of the violation. Violations may, in accordance with the Working Environment Act and personnel regulations, have consequences for the employee, including dismissal / dismissal, reporting to relevant authorities and claims for compensation in the event of loss or injury.